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Lego Batman 2

Lego Batman 2

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Lego Batman 2

Lego Batman 2's gameplay is easy to pick up, with plenty of variety. You can play cooperatively as Batman and Robin or switch between characters when necessary. Both have different abilities, and different suits which give them yet more. It's not difficult, but is hard enough that kids will have to keep on their toes to survive. The puzzles are well designed, also without being too difficult.
Lego Batman 2 introduces an open world structure, Gotham City, but individual stages play just like we're used to in Lego titles.

Lego Batman 2 looks great, with all the superheroes and villains animated with tons of humor and character. It's still a lego game, but this looks better than ever. The voice acting is fantastic, and gets the tone just right. There are great jokes throughout, with plenty for all ages to enjoy.

Lego Batman 2 is an excellent family video game that's as fun to watch as it is to play. Gotham City's open world design means there's lots to explore and find, and there are lots of characters to unlock and play with.

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Lego Batman 2